August 16th, 2007

mal burns, author

Educational Video from Downunder

Virtual Libraries, Real Librarians. What librarians are doing in Second Life and how Australian Libraries can join in.

From: sirexkat, 3 weeks ago

Presentation by Kathryn Greenhill at the State Library of Victoria, 23 July 2007. Outlines "What is Second Life?", "What are libraries doing there?" and "How can Australian libraries join in?".
mal burns, author

Prospects for Second Life Jobs

Michael Reese

From: citasa, 6 hours ago

“The Potential for Digital Field Assignments in Second Life” Digital field assignments are course activities in which students collect and analyze data from the field using digital technologies. However, what happens when the field is a virtual, 3-D environment? This presentation will explore the possibility of using Second Life to conduct course research assignments. Case studies being explored at Johns Hopkins and other institutions will be described. Questions: 1) What is the value of teaching qualitative research skills in Second Life instead of the Real Life? 2) What are students’ perspectives on using Second Life as a situated learning experience? 3) How does identity formation operate in Second Life (and how does it transfer to Real Life)?