August 17th, 2007

mal burns, author

Using Landmakrs in Second Life

This tutorial shows you how to create and use landmarks in Second Life. For beginners really but useful.

A number of plug-in HUD devices can help with this too. "Sloog" and "Gridmarker" both provide methods of posting landmarks to the web which will then launch those links inworld. The inworld BlogHUD provides a similar function that includes blogging to the web. Best of all, the "twiiter" client Sqawk allows to to post landmarks to a delicious account while MetaHUD creates an indexing and voting service based inworld itself.
mal burns, author

Advanced Camera Controls

For more advanced users, this piece illustrates the use of camera controls inside Second Life. There is a lot of advanced interactivity hidden behind the standard navigational interface and this shows some examples. Last night, for example, I was able to "attend" a full conference by eavesdropping from an adjacent SIM and zooming into main auditorium.