August 21st, 2007

mal burns, author

How to use HUDs

Torley Linden to the rescue again with a tutorial on using HUDs. These are one of my main areas of interest in Second Life since they often extend the interface considerably and can often be customised to your own requirements.

Until there is an efficient inworld "plug-ins" system these are the best way to extend the user screen to your own needs, You only have 8 positions for them right now and there are hundreds of HUDs available. I keep most positions permanently loaded with my essentials, keeping the two centre positions free for loading temporary ones from the inventory as and when I need them.

Most can be re-arranged on screen with the standard object editing tool regardless of their designated position. When one of the regulars goes missing at re-SLog, I somehow feel naked. They'll still be in the inventory though.