August 26th, 2007

mal burns, author

Skype calling with from video from inworld again

Amother silent film which shows more detail. Clearly one of the cameras here is set to "Second Life Digitizer". It doesn't show it here, but presumably both parties in the call could be talking avatars too. Certainly deserves further investigation - it may be a way of broadcasting an entire inworld voice conference to remote parties using Skype's broadcasting features.
mal burns, author

Being skyped from within second life

Final demo in the sequence from below, this just shows the call being taken.

When voice came to SL I wondered about the future of the "Second Talk" attachment that allows initiation of the regular Skype client by two avatars encountering each other inworld, the advantage being you would not necessarily know each others contact information beforehand. Voice IM has made that redundant, but if a "Second Life Digitizer" plug-in is easily available it could result in a form of inworld video-telephony between avatars.

If anyone finds out more before I do, please let me know.