September 12th, 2007

mal burns, author

OpenSIM Mega-Prims Extravaganza!

A display of mega prim stability in OpenSIM *warning USE mega prims at your own risk, this is all very preliminary and requires a lot more testing but so far as you will see in this video its looking good!
mal burns, author

Sculpted Thoughts

A quick demo of a new Second Life sculpture called Second Thoughts. It's a morphing, animated sculpted prim that uses the Second Life video features to modify the shape of the Sculpty. It uses some custom scripts to update the shape of the sculpty very quickly, around 8 frames per second.

"Artist Vlad Bjornson opens new avenues for expression through his Sculpted Thoughts art piece. The morphing sculpture impresses the eye with a smart mashup of sculptie functionality and the Second Life media interface. The sculptie object is coded to take on a new shape as it cycles through the textures from a QuickTime movie stream."
mal burns, author

Twitter Tutorial

OK. This is not strictly Second Life but friend and fellow resident Goldie Katsu has put together this lesson on getting started with Twitter. Twitter is, simply put, the way we all keep in touch throughout the day - reporting from both inworld and out.

Once you have an account set up, you can use it on the web or with numerous plug-ins and dedicated clients. Better still, you can integrate it with the Second Life interface through services like SLtweets and Squawk. If you care to follow mine, look up "Mal Burns".