September 22nd, 2007

mal burns, author


A short silent clip showing teamwork in progress during a Second Life build.

Hurricane Katrina Relief
Architecture for Humanity
Biloxi Model Home Program
Marlon Blackwell Architect
Model by Keystone Bouchard
for Open Architecture Network
mal burns, author

Tornado Summoning HUD v1.0

Nice example of a HUD development in Second Life though it may be of specialised use.

The tornado Summoning HUD enables the wearer to summon a 40 meter tall, sculpted tornado, complete with particle effects, sound effects, debris, remote control, random movement, and physical avatar suction!

Main Features:

* Summon a 40 meter tall, animated sculpted prim tornado (anywhere you have build rights)

* Tornado summoning animation and effects

* Storm cloud, dust cloud and water spray effects

* 21 types of debris with impact sounds (phantom, temp)

* Remote movement via HUD (same region only)

* Random movement option

* Suction option lifts physical avatars (escapable)

* Automatic Updates


Available on
or contact Tryptofaa Sands in world.