September 29th, 2007

mal burns, author

Airplane Tracking

This video show's how real-time aircraft tracking data can be used to drive a 3D display of aircraft in Second Life. The system uses's KMZ feed for Google Earth, with all SL functionality being developed by Daden Limited
mal burns, author

Rafting Adventures

This is a video of Rafting Adventures which was created within Second Life to be used to teach science about agents of erosion and deposition at middle schools.
mal burns, author

Business and Second Life

Second Life: What works and what doesn't?

Catherine Winters
Virtual Worlds Marketing Consultant

More and more real-world organizations are using popular virtual world Second Life for a variety of purposes: advertising, education, e-commerce, or for the novelty factor alone. Are these meaningful forays into the future of the internet, or simply companies playing around in virtual reality for its own sake? Catherine Winters (Catherine Omega in Second Life) shows some examples of real-world organizations' Second Life presences and explains what works and what doesn't — and why.

Catherine discusses future applications of virtual worlds and explains why sometimes the best tool is the simplest one.

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